Trying to create that perfect color when mixing paints can be tricky, but we have some fundamental tips that can help! Our 2-day camps throughout the summer invite kids to dive into the creative profess of color mixing, and apply what they learn through several painting techniques. After all, art is meant to be explored! Help your kids express themselves this summer, while — most importantly — having FUN!

$120, 15% OFF Early Bird (Sign up by May 31st)
Sign up for both Color Theory and Color Mixing in Acrylics camps for a discount ($200 for both camps – 12 hours of learning)
*Price includes 6 hours of leaning process, all needed art materials, snacks, and fun games with prizes.

Simply bring your kids to Azure Paint Studio and we will take care of the rest!

What to Expect?

Children painting at Azure Paint Studio

Day 1

  • Tools & Materials
    • Acrylic paints vs. Oil paint. Types of Acrylic.
      • Water based
      • Easy to clean
    • Substrates (surfaces)
      • Canvas
      • Canvas panel
      • Wood panel
      • Paper
    • Brushes – brush care
    • Palette knife
  • Setting up palette
  • Pigment properties
  • Working with primaries: Red, Yellows, Blues

Have fun, explore paint colors through the process. Creating from 9-12 samples of each Red, Yellow and Blue Mixes. Mixes are helpful when working with specific color. Each mix is accompanied by a “recipe,” allowing to re-create any swatch desired. Learn to clean as part of the process in creating art.

Day 2

1 hour 15 min

  • Review Day 1 and continue working with secondaries: Violet, Green and Orange
  • Have fun, explore paint colors through the process. Create from 9-12 samples of each Violet, Green and Orange Mixes.

1 Hour 45 min

  • Final project
Children painting at Azure Paint Studio

Final Project

Children painting at Azure Paint Studio
  • Start and Develop a “Color” Painting
    • How to Start
      • Ground (Color?)
      • Sketch vs no sketch
      • Material for sketch
      • Color mixing
      • What to start with?
    • What next?
    • What is the process?
  • Start creating. Kids will have a choice of creating their individual project.