At Azure Paint Studio, we offer multiple opportunities throughout summer for kids to learn about the world of art — and have fun doing it! This 2-day camp introduces color theory in an engaging and accessible way, and explores the basic components of the color wheel. Kids will be able to choose between creating their own individual painting, or joining together for a collaborative group project. And with some beautiful art to take home, this will certainly be a class to remember!

$120, 15% OFF Early Bird (Sign up by May 31st)
Sign up for both Color Theory and Color Mixing in Acrylics camps for a discount ($200 for both camps – 12 hours of learning)
*Price includes 6 hours of leaning process, all needed art materials, snacks, and fun games with prizes.

Simply bring your kids to Azure Paint Studio and we will take care of the rest!

Children mixing color paint

What to Expect?

Children painting together

Day 1

  • Introduction of color theory and its basic components. Sir Isaac Newton was one of the first scientists to investigate color theory. Color as Light.
  • Introduce color and paint (acrylic) mixing and create a color wheel and a complementary color scale
    • Color Theory
      • Color: what is it?
      • Color wheel and how to mix colors / pigments / paints
    • Color Mixing-Complementary
      • How does the color change when its complement is added?
      • Mixing using a color complement
  • Have fun, explore paint colors through the process. Learn to clean up as a part of the process in creating art.
  • Increase kids’ excitement for creating a final project on the next day. Discuss children’s preferences.

Day 2

2 hours

  • Review Basics of Color Theory. Introduce tints and shades and how white and black interacts with color intensity.
  • Introduce complements and mixing complements.
  • Create a tint and shade scale and mix paint using both white, black and its complement.
    • Color Mixing-Tints/Shades
      • White and dark, and how does that change a pigment?
      • Color intensity
  • Color as Emotion
  • Color as Symbol

1 Hour

  • Final project
paint session

Final Project

  • Start and Develop a “Color” Painting
    • How to Start
      • Ground (Color?)
      • Sketch vs no sketch
      • Material for sketch
      • Color mixing
      • What to start with?
    • What next?
    • What is the process?
  • Start creating. Kids will have a choice of creating their individual project, modern style group project or freestyle project.